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  • Behind The Mic – Leveling Up (4/22/2019)- An episode dedicated to leveling up our respective Characters to level 3 and the completion of the first chapter in this story. We take some time to get behind the microphone a bit and talk about some of our favorite moments, NPCs, and what we’re looking forward to for the campaign. We hope you enjoy!
  • Chapter One – Placing the Divination Tome – E18 (4/17/2019)- Kitts has finished the Divination Tome and it is time for it to be placed. The new release of magic gives a map to assist with their future adventures. Bogrin gets a new companion.
  • Chapter One – Arcane Adventure with Virgil, T’natum, and Chad – E17 (4/3/2019)- The remainder of the Monster Mercenary quartet set out on their own adventures. Bogrin, or should we say Chad, finds a hidden area of the Arcane. T’natum gets a makeover and checks in with The Captain. Virgil goes to work on a new type of arrow.
  • Chapter One – Arcane Adventure with Dr. Strong – E16 (3/19/2019)- The Arcane’s prophesied Monster Mercenaries find themselves with some downtime and set off on a few individual adventures within the Arcane architecture. Dr. Strong discovers an infirmary with need of some direction.
  • Chapter One – Return to the Arcane – E15 (3/5/2019)- After the truly wearing trails that escaping BlackBend proved to be, our adventurers find themselves on the way back to the Arcane. On the way, they decide to interrogate the guard they captured and then find out what’s in the chest.
  • Chapter One- A Duel and a Lie- E14 (2/20/2019)- The group makes it through the tunnels of BlackBend but now an all new threat presents itself. While Bogrin’s actions catch up to him. Some would say out of the frying pan and into the fire for these mangled mercenaries.
Jolley the Bar Keep

Welcome to HomeBrew Archives!
We are a Dungeons and Dragons podcast group who, true to the name, ‘HomeBrews’ our entire world and adventure.
We’ve come together by many means –  some by work, others grew up together but we all have one thing in common:
We love to play Dungeons and Dragons.
Come join us on our adventure.

Ready to meet our adventurers..

Eager to explore and maybe get into a little mischief,

Place Holder
Dr. Strong
Tempest Cleric

Dr. Strong has a strong sense of trying to heal the world and he hates authority figures.

Place Holder

T’natum has led a very innocent and sheltered life. He is still learning how the world works and be shaped as a person as a result.

Place Holder

A Rogue with an unknown past who sometimes lies and sometimes tells the truth.

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Virgil is a kind-hearted soldier with a tortured past that he faces every day. He is torn between letting the world burn and saving it, but hopefully some of the other members’ good characteristics can rub off on this distressed warrior.

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DM Stretch
Dungeon Master

As the Dungeon Master, I orchestrate the stage on which everyone plays. I will be the voice and personalities for those the players meet, as well as the environments they encounter.

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